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Urangatang is a network of web development professionals specializing in absolutely everything. We are a global Christian web development organization, working together, as unto the Lord. We have the talent that matches your needs, at an affordable price. We can build an award-winning site from scratch, or enhance your existing site dramatically.

Web Design That Shines

Urangatang is not your typical web design company. We are different in many ways:

  • We provide state of the art website solutions for reasonable rates.

  • We are all Christian web professionals who strive for excellence and integrity in every aspect of our work.

  • Our company is not confined within a single building. We live in 4 different continents, enabling us to recruit some of the finest professionals in the world.

  • We specialize in every technology because we have experts in every area.
We encourage you to browse our site, view our work, and find out more about us. Discover why, with Urangatang, everyone can afford a website that shines.

Our Vision

Urangatang knows what is involved in designing a website the right way. We値l be there at every step, supporting you through your launch, and anytime you need help.

We値l design a winning website for you with these components:
  • A comprehensive design blueprint

  • Intuitive site architecture and navigation

  • Prioritization of the objectives of your online presence

  • Effective use of graphics, color, fonts, layout, and whitespace

  • Use of original content and fast loading pages

Our creative and technical professionals deliver visually appealing, highly functional, user friendly websites designed specifically for your target audience.

We invite you to view samples of our work, and to learn more about how we work.

Meet The Team

Project Manager Web Developer
As your first and only contact, I値l work with you to determine what you need. I値l coordinate all aspects of your project. My job is to keep you informed and happy. I値l create the basics of your site, then test it thoroughly. I値l develop each of the components of your site, through any and all challenges.
Creative Consultant Photographer
I値l offer ideas to help the writer, graphic artist and other developers create a site that is interesting and attractive. I値l take your photos for you, or offer my own images to properly communicate your message.
Writer Programmer
I値l research and prepare your text using the right style for your site, with eye-catching phrases to solicit a response from your site visitors. I値l create any custom code required - database integration, application or component development, client server scripting, XML data services, et cetera.
Graphic Artist Editor
I値l create any custom artwork or animations you might need. I have a keen eye for details. I値l polish your site until it shines.
Training Specialist Audio/Video Specialist
I値l develop any training components you need, including online tests. I値l create any streaming audio or video clips you want. This powerful form of communication is now within your reach.
Marketing Consultant Visibility Consultant
I値l integrate the marketing aspect of your site into the development process, and help you find your Unique Selling Proposition. I値l ensure that your site has quantifiable goals in place to achieve quantifiable results. I値l create a complete metatag structure to maximize your site痴 visibility on the Internet. Then I値l work to deliver targeted traffic to your site through search engine optimization, website tracking and analysis, email marketing programs, et cetera.
Usability Expert
I値l ensure that the structure, content, and navigation of your site is totally intuitive.

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