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FreeSites is a free service of Urangatang

What browsers are compatible with the wizard?

You may use the following browsers (RFC 1867-compliant):

  • Netscape 3.0 and higher that fully supports Frames.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher that fully supports Frames.

What conditions will create login problems?

  • JavaScript is disabled. JavaScript is a language that powers many essential functions required for use of this application. Please make sure to enable JavaScript on your web browser.

  • Cookies are being blocked. Security settings on your browser or firewall may block cookies from being set. Cookies are small text files stored on your hard drive that can be retrieved at a later time for identification purposes. Please update your browser security (security must be set to medium or low on most browsers to accept cookies) or firewall settings to accept cookies. Common antivirus / firewall
    programs such as Norton have a setting to accept or deny cookies.

  • Popup windows are being blocked. You are either using a firewall or special browsing software such as the Google Toolbar which do not display popup windows. This utility requires that the main browser window be able to open child windows for loading various control panel modules. Please adjust your firewall settings to allow popups or disable any popup blocking software.

  • Hardware or memory failure. Please reboot your computer to reload the operating system, and clear the memory.

  • No Internet connection. Please try to access other websites to make sure your Internet connection was not lost.

  • Incorrect user name or password. If you get a non-response error and the login screen is presented repeatedly, please click here to retrieve your FreeSites login credentials, or here to retrieve your Devotionals login credentials.

It is possible to not have to disable your current browser security settings as directed above by installing another web browser to be used only for accessing this application. The most comparable web browser to Microsoft's Internet Explorer is Netscape. For a free download of the latest version of Netscape, please click here.


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