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The Urangatang Focus:

  Content Management Systems

  eCommerce Systems

  Custom Processes that
   Fully Support the Entrepreneur

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The Urangatang Focus:

    Content Management Systems

Our team specializes in the development of extremely user-friendly Content Management Systems (CMS). We routinely repurpose a great deal of code developed inhouse, giving our customers programming code that is tried and true, with the ability to have the original author modify it whenever required.

    eCommerce Systems

With numerous professional programmers on staff, we specialize in implementing standard, custom, or combination eCommerce Systems. Whether you need something simple and inexpensive, or something extremely unique, contact us. Chances are, we've done it before.

    Custom Processes that Fully Support the Entrepreneur

Our team specializes in the development of websites that fully support the needs of the entrepreneur. Whether using your website to attract business, attract and retain talent, or transform time-consuming manual processes into sleek, automated works-of-art, the experience that Urangatang brings will blaze the way to the right solution, and at the right price.

Urangatang's 18 years in business have primarily been invested helping small businesses to grow, using the Internet to replace time-consuming manual processes and giving entrepreneurs the ability to focus on moving their business forward. Among the many systems we've developed are event announcement systems, public calendars, links systems, resource listings, employment and recruitment tools, photo galleries, FAQs systems, news archives, committee tools and rosters, surveying tools, online payment capabilities, and much more.

As specialists primarily serving the entrepreneur, we offer economies of scale... having perfected numerous standard procedures that may be quickly reimplemented at a significant cost advantage to you.

    A Total Solution

Our Project Manager will work with you, one-on-one... brain-storming, visualizing, and meticulously planning. Once we have collectively determined what you need, we'll move into the role of coordinator... arranging each of the people and technologies that will make your new process work, and work well.

We'll carefully hand pick a team of professionals to build exactly what you need. Our pre-planning documents will include:

  • A complete description of what we're building and exactly how it will be implemented.

  • Accurate development and deployment costs.

  • Agreed-upon schedules for the development of each component that will be completed.

Click to watch a 2-minute video that explains how our process works. Click to watch a 2-minute video that explains how our process works.

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