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A Few Limits on Creating and Using Email Addresses

The number of email addresses that you can create for your new domain name depends entirely upon what your web host will permit. Many web hosts routinely allow 100 plus email addresses. Some web hosts, including my favorite (which is webmasters.com, by the way) do not have a limitation of any kind.

There are just a few rules you need to follow when you configure your email addresses. You can only use alphanumeric characters (a thru z, and 0 thru 9), hyphens (-), underscores (_), and periods (.). You cannot use any of the following characters: < > ( ) [ ] ; : , @ or spaces

Also, the first character of the email address must either be a letter or a number. You cannot, in other words, use a hyphen as the first character of your email address.

Also, be aware that upper and lower case are treated the same. So, you can reach me at Linda.Norton@urangatang.com, or linda.norton@urangatang.com, or LINDA.NORTON@urangatang.com. Itís all the same email address.

Lastly, try to use an email address associated with your own domain name. My email address, for example, is linda.norton@urangatang.com. Every time somebody receives my email or responds to me, theyíre seeing the name urangatang.com. Thatís good for visibility. Itís also much more appropriate than using a little throwaway account from gmail.com or yahoo.com, or another other free email service that might suggest that the sender is not very serious about their business.

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