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The Most Popular Web Browsers

The three most popular web browsers, in order of their popularity, are Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.  Fourth and fifth positions are occupied by the Safari and Opera browsers... browsers that are primarily associated with Apple computers.

When you are planning, designing, and implementing your website, it is pretty important that you establish, beforehand, exactly which browsers, and which software release of those browsers, you are planning to support.  Although it is the responsibility of the browser manufacturer to correctly design their browsers according to WC3 specifications, it has been known to happen that a newly released browser just utterly fails...  leaving its website visitors seeing something entirely different than the site owner intended.  Knowing beforehand that you are designing for a buggy browser will make an enormous difference in planning and visitor segmentation.  If necessary, a particular group of visitors may be redirected to a slightly different version of the page they requested... one that their browser can physically accommodate.

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