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The Importance of Capturing Your Site Visitorís Contact Information

Generally, the most challenging and expensive part of building a successful website is getting people there.  When they arrive, you need to already have so much valuable information, and so beautifully organized, that they immediately look for the opt-in link.  At that instant, do not lose momentum...  make sure there is a signup box or a prominent link on every page of your website.  It should be clearly visible, and consistently placed on the site, along with your essential contact information.

The process of implementing the signup itself is very simple and straightforward.  You need the signup form, plus an automated way of adding the newly received contact information to your newsletter delivery system.

Youíll also want to consider including "CAPTCHA" on the signup form; thatís the little box with squiggly letters that verifies itís a person, rather than a computer, who is signing up for your newsletter.  By including CAPTCHA, youíll eliminate more than 90% of the spam the form would otherwise generate.

If you want to distribute formatted newsletters to the people on your opt-in list, then I strongly recommend ConstantContact.com.  This online service, which starts at $15 a month, sends beautifully formatted email newsletters and surveys on your behalf.  It also permits the recipients to neatly opt-out and update their own contact information, and it lets you see who is reading each of the articles you distribute.

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