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Using Online Articles to Engage Your Visitor

Chances are, you are a wealth of information.  Whatever your company does, you have personally amassed an incredible amount of information relevant to that field.  It may surprise you when you sit down to make a list of some of the frequently asked questions you hear...  questions that are so familiar by now that you could probably answer them in your sleep.  Why not take a good portion of that information and turn it into a series of online articles?

There is nothing like free, valuable, relevant information to keep your website visitor coming back, again and again.  Letís say youíre a cleaning service, and youíve decided to share cleaning tips with your site visitors.  Isnít it much more likely that theyíll bookmark your site, remember its name, and keep coming back to you?  More often than not theyíll also tell their friends.  Youíve just earned a loyal visitor.

By simply taking the information you already have, and generating it into a series of online articles (like the one youíre reading now), you can turn your website into a very valuable online resource.  Itís not expensive, and itís not particularly challenging.  It just requires a good programmer to put that little system together, and your undivided attention writing those exquisitely useful articles.

A tip...  as youíre writing them, keep the pushy sales information out.  Your job is not to sell right now... itís to inform, educate, and turn yourself into an essential resource and advocate for your future customer.  Also, by inviting the public to comment at the bottom of each article, youíre establishing greater loyalty with each visitor, and an opportunity to share.  Just be certain to require that each shared opinion be screened before actually posting it to your site.  Itís remarkable how quickly spammers will try to jump into the mix on a busy site.

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