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Tips for Developing Good Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on your Site

Like online articles, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are very often helpful to your site visitor.  Simply assemble the list of questions, and the list of answers.  Try to write each as clearly as possible, remembering that your site visitor may not be particularly familiar with your "lingo."  Therefore, keep the catchphrases and the acronyms and abbreviations (I call them "alphabet soup") to a reasonable minimum.  If thereís a decent chance that the site visitor is not familiar with a particular term, then offer a definition, or include a little popup or link that succinctly explains the phrase.

Itís also useful to organize Frequently Asked Questions by category so that your site visitor can more easily locate them.  Offering a search box to quickly search for a particular answer is an especially nice bonus... since that permits your site visitors to successfully search on their own terms.

Developing an online FAQ system is a small and relatively inexpensive process.  In an ideal world, your programmer will store the FAQs within a database, and also build a small administrative panel where you can login to modify and add to the list of FAQs as needed.

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