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project managers, programmers, web developers, graphic artists, SEO specialists, branding experts.
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Vision is the Key

The last 30 years have brought dramatic changes to the ways in which business is conducted. Where only a generation ago, everything shut down for a Sunday rest, today's decision-maker is challenged constantly with an unquenchable, unstoppable demand for action and information. Research indicates that most decision-makers are constantly on overdrive... and are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of work that needs to be done. No matter how early their day starts... new fires are constantly erupting, and they simply cannot catch up.

There is a tool, however, that savvy business professionals employ to balance those never-ending demands on their time. The Internet is the great equalizer. Properly implemented, it can serve as your personal and professional partner... empowering you and controlling those interruptions; restoring a proper work-life balance. The Internet is the single most powerful, accessible, and comprehensive tool in the entire world. In a single stroke, it can:

  • convert your communication processes into sleek, fast, works of art,
  • electronically delegate the tedious but essential tasks that must be done, and protect your most valuable resource... your time,
  • allow you to sell, service, and support your entire product line automatically, and
  • do all of this without adding any more salaries, benefits, or other overhead costs.

Urangatang is in the business of using the Internet to create empowerment and freedom for you. To learn how, or to get started, just click here. The Urangatang team is standing by.

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We need an introductory education on website planning.
      What are the essentials to create a website?
      How do we choose a domain name?
      What inexpensive options exist for small companies?
      Is an inexpensive wizard-driven site a suitable option?
      What is required to build an ecommerce site?
      How do ’Include Files’ ensure fast website updates?
      Are there limits on creating/using email addresses?
      How do I know if my web concept is really a great idea?
      Is just building a website sufficient advertising?
      Understanding Content Management Systems.
      What ADA compliance really means.
      Choosing the best programming language.
      What kind of database do we need?
      How do we choose a good webhost?
      How do we choose the right web developer?
      Is ’offshoring’ a wise choice for us?
      What kind of testing is needed for a complex website?
      Should I be concerned about proper technical support?
      What web browsers are the most popular?
      How do we track traffic at our website?
We want to use the Internet to strengthen our market position.
      ... distinguish ourselves from the competition.
      ... make our site sticky.
We want our visitors to be able to interact with our site.
      ... let visitors sign up for our mailing list.
      ... offer smart contact form(s).
      ... offer message boards.
      ... list calendar events and possibly allow signups.
      ... offer articles and possibly solicit feedback.
      ... offer a news archive.
      ... offer a photo gallery.
      ... offer links pages that we can update.
      ... offer answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
      ... feature at least one Blog.

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